Lush Ickle Baby Bot – sends Amelie to sleep!

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I have been using the Ickle Baby Bot in my daughter’s bath for some time now and it is amazing. It smells superb and it makes Miss A relaxed and helps her sleep well. It makes the bath nice and blue which amazes Miss A! She now laughs every time I pop one in her bath.

Ickle Baby Bot is great for Miss A’s skin. It has never brought her up and it makes her skin smell lovely and makes her skin so soft! The combination of Lavender and Sandalwood oils helps her sleep (which at the moment is a bit of a difficult task as she is teething but last night after putting one in her bath, she slept better). I do not buy Ickle Baby Bot all the time, only as a treat for her. At the moment, it costs £1.75 but it is so worth it as it does help little ones to sleep.

This product is Vegan friendly.

A bit more about Ickle Baby Bot can be found on the Lush website.

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