Hospital next week – a little bit worried!

Well as I said from the beginning, this is not just a review blog, it is also a kind of key events in our life as a family of three. It is a shame that things have been a bit boring and the first blog post is about my trip to the hospital next week!

I used to have epilepsy as a child (where I passed out and started fitting) and now I still think I have some form of epilepsy. I think they are called simple partial seizures. I sometimes (normally once a month for a few days) smell burning, often when I am asleep I wake up thinking the house is on fire! Not a nice experience and even after knowing it is me and not the house, I have to check every room in the house to see if there is a fire. I also experience some deja vu. I have had quite a lot of experiences where, say a conversation I have at the time, something I am sure has happened before. I also get a splitting headache the day afterwards.

I went to see the neurologist almost three weeks ago and he said there are two causes for this. Epilepsy or stress. I don’t know which one I would want the most. If I have been stressed all my life then how the hell can I snap out of it?

I am having an EEG done next wednesday and I need to have a MRI scan? as well (not got the appointment for that yet).

Luckily none of this has affected me looking after Miss A it is just rather frustrating and I need to find out what it is. Apparently the EEG is only 50% effective and if it does not show anything I need to have a sleep EEG. I hope that does not mean a night in hospital away from Miss A. If it does, I am sure that Russell can cope!

Note to everyone never ever google any symptoms that you may have…I did and the most popular results I got was a brain tumour. Not what I really want to hear!

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