Gü Puds Hot Chocolate soufflés – divine!

I wanted to treat me and Russell so I bought a box of Gü Puds Hot Chocolate soufflés. I don’t normally get nice things for dessert (joys of being a full-time mum) but I really thought that I and Russell needed it!

Oh how divine are these! I don’t think I left them in the oven for long enough but they were lovely anyway! The top was nice and cake-like and the middle was heavenly gooey. I think the top was supposed to be more risen and more cake-like than what it was but that was my error. I was a bit keen!

The ramekins that they come in have been washed and will be reused! Love them!

And here’s how much we loved them:

Gu Puds Hot Chocolate Souffles, Gu Puds, souffle

GU describes them as a ultra-decadent chocolate soufflé with a fabulously smooth and Gu-ey hot chocolate middle.

More can be found out about these soufflés here

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