Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Camera review


We have been away for a few days, visiting my parents in Essex and they kindly bought Miss A a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Camera. Part of me thought that Miss A would not get much out of it as it is for 6 month olds and above and she is 17 months. I was very wrong. She has played with it every day since.

There are quite a few things to do on this camera. There is a silent spinning blue and red cylinder, a spinning ball with two faces on it (one is smiling and one is winking), a button that pretends to take a picture (as well as doing other things) and there is also a switch that pretends to turn the camera on and off. There is also a red flashing light on it too which flashes when buttons are pressed and when songs are being sung. There are two volume levels as well as an off setting.

I think this camera will be very good way of teaching Miss A how to count. It counts from one to ten very clearly. The songs are fun too and easy to learn. I know that I had my doubts but Miss A loves it and I love it. Many thanks to my parents for buying this for Miss A.

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