De’Longhi Icona toaster review

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I accidently wrecked my old toaster by melting a Tommee Tippee valve into it and there is no way of getting it out.

So we went to get another toaster. We agreed that we needed a four slice toaster and it was not worth getting a cheap toaster just in case so we decided we would try the De’Longhi Icona toaster. We bought the blue one as it was the colour that we loved!

Well I am very impressed so far. I have not used all of the functions yet but the results for toast is superb! I love the fact that me and Russell can have different browning settings..I like mine medium and he likes his near to burning! It really works too. The toaster is easy to clean which is great! Not many areas for grime to collect. I also like the fact it has a extra lift position…no burnt fingers! It is a little bit big but I am used to a two slice toaster. You can use it as a two-slice toaster which is great for us during the week when I have a late breakfast (due to being too busy helping Russell get ready for work and getting Miss A’s breakfast).

It has a reheat, defrost, bagel and cancel function. I have not tried the defrost or bagel function yet…got some bagels in the freezer, maybe I shall try this weekend!

The RRP is £74.99 but I paid a bit less than that, I was very lucky to get it in a promotion that Tesco had on and you can buy it cheaper than the RRP online.

Moe about the De’Longhi Icona toaster can be found on the De’Longhi website

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