Yorkshire Tea review

Being a full-time mum means that we have had to cut back on things and get shops own or cheaper versions of day to day basics, tea included.

I don’t really like buying cheap tea as it is not normally ethical but sometimes we have to. We had run out of tea bags so I went to the local shop and they had three types in stock. One cheap one and two branded. Yorkshire Tea was one of them. I thought that we needed a nice cup of tea so I picked up the Yorkshire Tea tea bags. One thing that caught my eye and made me buy was the Rainforest Alliance certified logo.

Yorkshire Tea seem to care for their growers, the environment and the community so I am pleased that I bought this. The taste is superb and even with soya milk it tastes great! On their website it say that the tea is a blend of Assam and African teas. It is available in 40, 80, 160, 240 tea bags and 250g loose tea from all major supermarkets.

Yorkshire Tea, tea

They seem to be a very kind and considerate company who do quite a bit for the environment and their local community. A bit more about Yorkshire Tea and what they do can be found on their website:

Yorkshire Tea is a Registered Trademark of Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

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