Organix Goodies Fruit bar review

As said in my previous post, Miss A has got a cold and it is affecting her appetite. She did not eat much of her dinner last night. She ate her breakfast this morning but it HAD to be porridge. Offered her several things before but she refused them all apart from porridge.

One thing I did give her for her snack (which she ate within minutes) was an Organix Goodies Fruit Bar. There are two varieties, date and banana and date and apple. I have both varieties in the house and Miss A enjoys both of them. In fact Miss A loves all of the snacks that I have given her so far from the Organix Goodies range.

All that’s in the fruit bars is fruit and a little rice flour (to prevent stickiness). One bar is one of your 5 a day, fantastic! The fruit bars are suitable for toddlers from 12+ months.

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The date and banana variety has organic dates (70%), organic dried banana (30%) and organic rice flour (less than 1%)

The date and apple variety has organic dates (85%), organic dried apples (15%) and organic rice flour (less than 1%)

The fruit bars a fantastic snack to take out and about with you and the benefit with these is there is minimal mess! Miss A has clean clothes after eating them. She may have a little bit round her mouth but that’s about it. The packaging is good too, the carton has a tab (like a cereal box) so the individually wrapped bars stay put. I love the characters on the packaging, especially the little dog!

I love giving Miss A the Organix goodies products, they are so natural! There is a no junk promise which is so reassuring!

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