NUK First Choice training bottle review

Miss A is very fussy when it comes to what she drinks out of. I had a very hard time to wean her off her bottles. The only thing that worked was the NUK First Choice training bottle.

I was very lucky to receive a few of these as part of a survey and review that I completed a few months back. It took a few days for Miss A to get used to it but she was soon free from bottles thanks to this product! Miss A still uses these bottles now for her milk and sometimes water.

The only negative is that they are too small (150ml). I contacted NUK about this and they said that if they added the handles to the 300ml bottle then it would be too top heavy. What they did say was the spout can be used with the 300ml bottle. They kindly sent me a bottle to try and it does work but Miss A finds the bottle a bit difficult to use (we have only had it a few days and she has not been so well so maybe she will get used to it soon!)

Here is Miss A with her 150ml bottle.

NUK First Choice training bottle, NUK, First Choice

More about the NUK First Choice training bottle can be found on their website:

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