HiPP Organic shell pasta with juicy tomatoes & courgettes toddler meal

Miss A has been out of sorts for a few days now and at the moment she does not like hard food. The only thing that she has enjoyed eating is porridge. I think she is teething. I bought her a HiPP Organic shell pasta with juicy tomatoes & courgettes. Well she ate it all!

This is a ready meal for toddlers over 12 months. It can be given to your toddler warmed or cold. To heat you can use the hob or a microwave. I was out and about so I gave it to Miss A cold.

There are several key statements from HiPP about this product. These are:

  • Wholesome, nutritious and tasty
  • No GM or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Contains 2 portions of veg
  • Perfectly balanced with the finest organic ingredients.

The fact that Miss A ate off of it, even though she is ill, it must be good! The pasta is perfect size for Miss A to eat. You can see proper chunks of vegetables which is great! Make sure you have a bib as it is quite saucy, the majority of the meal is pasta and vegetables though. I didn’t have a bib with me, nothing new there, so Miss A got her top a bit dirty!! And last night was the best night’s sleep she has had all week!

A bit more about the product can be found on the HiPP Organic website.

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