EverEarth Flip Over Music Set review

EverEarth Flip Over Music Set, EverEarth

I bought Miss A the EverEarth Flip Over Music Set for Christmas last year. She was very keen to play with it straight away At 10 months all she did was knock the xylophone and drum with the drumstick but she soon mastered turning the wheels. She does not play with the güiro type section yet.

The toy has six musical activities. On one side it has a xylophone and two turning wheels, one that clicks and one that makes a scratching noise. On the other side it has a drum, a güiro type activity and a clacker type activity.

Apart from Miss A spending ages playing with the toy, there are other reasons why I love this toy. It is FSC approved, it is painted using water based paints (which is good as I have seen her with the drumstick in her mouth several times) and the packaging that it comes in is simple and is made from recycled materials. This goes for every toy that EverEarth produce.

The toy is really well made and is as good as new, even after nearly 7 months of being played with by Miss A and she has given it so much abuse! It is very colourful and bright.

The website for the company that manufactures this toy is:


The toys from EverEarth are available from Amazon. I got Miss A’s from TK Maxx. I think you can contact them and they may be able to give you a list of local stockists.

I have one other toy from EverEarth which is equally as good. The 24 piece pull along Wagon. This is played with every day too.

I love the picture on their home page, I bet Miss A would love all those EverEarth toys!

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