ELC Windmill Farm – a fantastic toy!

I am a big fan of ELC. I have bought Miss A a couple of things and they have all been appreciated but the best of all so far is the HappyLand Windmill Farm.

With the windmill farm you get four animals, two people, one cart, one crate of apples, two chairs, a table and two beds. The windmill plays a little tune when the sails are turned. It is a tune that I don’t think will get on my nerves after a while, it is quite nice! The only negative thing about the windmill farm, is that the weather vane comes off too easily but Miss A loves it and I don’t think it is a hazard in any way. It is the first thing she goes to and pulls off!

The windmill farm will definitely be a toy that will last for quite a while, it is the kind of toy that Miss A, I am sure, will play with for quite a few years. It is also quite durable. She has already pulled it off a table several times and so far it has not broke! Our dog Tyson has also stepped on one of the chairs and again, still in one piece.

At the moment she is a little young to know that the animals go in the barn, the people go on the bed, sit on the chair etc but that will come later. She does put the pieces in various parts of the farm but not where they should be. She does not like the cart being on the horse. She always takes it off when I put it on!

It is a great toy for us to play with her, which she loves. I have even seen Russell play with Miss A and the windmill farm. The crate of apples have already been renamed by Russell who calls them peas. I think he is trying to confuse the poor girl!

Here is Miss A playing with her windmill farm:

ELC HappyLand Windmill Farm, ELC

So a fantastic toy from ELC. The other HappyLand toys look good too. I think another trip to ELC may be needed soon!

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