Charlie and Lola – buggy book.

Miss A loves Charlie and Lola. She loves the programme on CBeebies. When she was a few months old, I bought her a Charlie and Lola My Especially Special Buggy Book and she was thrilled with it. But it got lost a month or two back. So this weekend I got the same one. We have one very happy Miss A! She held it all the time we were out, until she fell asleep. This time I have found a place to make it more secure so hopefully it will not get lost again.

It has already been nibbled on and sucked. Miss A is a very late teether, with only two teeth (and she is nearly 17 months old) and was struggling yesterday with her teeth/gums.

The story is really sweet. It is all about Charlie and Lola going to the park to meet Marv and Lotta but Lola spots all sorts of things which is making it take forever to get to the park.

At the moment the RRP is £4.99 and is available from quite a few places. It is available from the Puffin website.

It is well designed and the strap is very sturdy. The velcro is strong enough for Miss A not to pull off and the clip is really strong. The reason I/Miss A lost the first one was because I fixed it onto something silly but now I think I have found the perfect place for it to be clipped onto her pushchair.

Here is the book:

Charlie and Lola Buggy Book, Charlie and Lola

I have not taken one of Miss A as at the moment she has a high temperature and feeling out of sorts. I will add that later when we are out and about.

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