4little1 Baby nose-clear room vapour works a treat!

4little1 Baby Nose Clear, 4little1

Miss A has got a cold and as a keen dummy (soother) user it causes so much more sleepless nights as the dummy gets in the way. So I gave her the usual paracetamol suspension and lots of cuddles but that was not working. I then found a little bottle of Baby nose-clear Room Vapour in my toiletry bag. So I tried it last night for the first time and I must say I am impressed.

Before I used it, Miss A woke up several times and was not happy about sleeping at all. After putting some drops in a warm bowl of water and putting it on a unit near her cot, she only woke up once and that was because she lost all of her dummies! The smell of the vapour is very very pleasant. You only need a few drops so it will last for quite a while. So even though it is £6.99 on their website, it is value for money. You can get it in Boots too. I was pleasantly surprised to see such natural ingredients (lemon, tea tree and pine), very reassuring. If only I tried this product when Miss A had reflux, it would of helped with the constant blocked nose!

The website for 4 little 1 is:


Their other products look good too.

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