An update – Some good, some bad. That’s life!

I haven’t blogged properly for months. I have done a few review posts but no personal stuff in a long time. There are a few reasons for this, all will be explained here. Life has been very challenging but also very rewarding.

The first thing that has happened is that I lost my dear mum. She died in December. I am still not over it, I doubt I ever will be. I think of her every day. I will always miss her. I won’t go into detail on what happened as I haven’t asked the rest of the family. I don’t think it is the right time to ask.

The second thing is that our lovely dog Tyson died in March. Again, I miss him a lot. He was a lovely dog who was kind, affectionate and our first dog. Tilly is doing well being on her own, I think. She is getting lots of attention! Tyson was 12! He had so many things go wrong in the last few years, he did so well to last until then! Will always love him.

I think that is it for the bad bits..but as you can imagine, they are life changing.

There is some excellent news by the way. We have found out that Master A does not have NF1! He has had a genetics test done, which is 95% accurate and it was negative! I am not too sure why he has the cafe au lait marks. If they get bigger or if he gets more, I will make another appointment. I have found another condition that it could be, Legius Syndrome. I am not going to ask for another referral to get it tested just yet. There are no health risks like NF1 attached to this and from what I have read about it, it can only affect the learning.

Both Miss A and Master A are well. Mostly! They have had a few things to deal with but nothing serious. Master A is starting to talk a little bit more which is awesome! Miss A is doing so well with ice skating and dancing!

So that is all I am going to put on here as I intend to blog regularly now. Fingers crossed I can do this!

Turtles Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader review

teenage mutant ninja turtles, turtles, half shell heroes, mutant loader, tmnt, toys

Master A was sent a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader to test and I can safely say that this toy has been very well received and well played with since we have got it. Miss A has played with it as well. She likes it too! It is so nice that they both play with each other’s toys! I often see Master A play with Miss A’s dolls!

I am so pleased that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still around! They were a big thing when I was little and they seem to be a big thing now too! I haven’t shown Master A the programme yet, I feel like he is a little bit young for it but in time I will and I can see that it being a big thing for him. I know I enjoyed it when I was watching it.

I often see Master A playing with the toy and he likes scooping up quite a few of his other toys in the vehicle as well as pushing it across the floor. It goes quite fast on laminate flooring! The size of the vehicle is perfect for Master A. Perfect for three year olds and over! Now he seems to want more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys! I can see it becoming a big thing!

Turtles Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tmnt, toys

For £19.99, the toy is definitely good value as it is a toy that definitely Master A will play with for a long time. He loves it. I think that love will also grow with age as when he starts to watch the programme, I can see him loving it!

I love the fact that Mikey has a seat on the side of the vehicle, so does Master A!

To find out about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader and the rest of the range visit

Chillfactor Pull Pops review

We were sent a set of Chillfactor Pull Pops to review. Miss A was so excited when she saw these. She loves ice lollies and so does Master A.

I was rather impressed with the idea of letting Miss A make her own lollies, but she found the Chillfactor Pull Pops impossible to do, they were just too hard for her to pull the liquid up. I took over, she was a little bit disappointed but I told her that we would keep on trying and she will eventually get the hang of it. She was happy with this and it means that this product will be in our lives for quite some time as even though Miss A couldn’t do her own ice lollies, she had fun watching me do them.

Miss A kept on asking if they were ready yet..she got so excited when they were. What she didn’t realise, I had already done one for Master A so they both had an ice lolly. An ice lolly that kept them happy for quite a long time!

Even though Miss A couldn’t do them, I still am happy with the product, it made both children happy, this makes me happy.

Look at their faces!

Master A really enjoyed his ice lolly. I think we will have lots of fun with being more creative with the Chillfactor Pull Pops in the next few months, when the weather gets warmer. It is still a little bit cold out there to be eating ice lollies, I think.

To find out more about the Chillfactor Pull Pops, visit

Teletubbies 20th Anniversary

Teletubbies are celebrating their 20th Anniversary! Wow that makes me feel old! I remember my nephew watching it as a two year old and now I have children of my own and they watch Teletubbies too!

Tomorrow sees the new Teletubbies DVD being released and we were sent a copy. Master A is obsessed with Teletubbies now and asks for it every day. There are six episodes to keep little ones occupied, this is just enough for Master A but he does want to watch it over and over again throughout the day. Of course I do not let him but he does seem to be quite passionate about it. And, get this, he can say Teletubbies quite well! This is awesome!

Perhaps Master A should be one of the Teletubbies..he would say “Again, again!”

There are also bonus features on the DVD. Special features include:

“Big Hugs” Song
Meet The Characters: Po
Meet Daniel Rigby

teletubbies, teletubbies 20th birthday, anniversary, big hugs

We were also sent a book which he adores! The book is called Teletubbies The Tubby Custard Ride. This is a fantastic interactive book where Master A loves to slide the tabs to make it super fun! It is a super-sturdy book that should last a long time! It has been keeping him busy since we received it!

I think I shall have to get more Teletubbies products for Master A as he has really enjoyed these two!

Look at his face! He is so happy when he is watching the DVD and playing with the book!


There is also a Twitter Frenzy on Monday 27th February 2017, come and join in with the fun! The hashtag for this is #Teletubbies20. I shall be there and will be tweeting!


To find out more about Teletubbies visit

Kazoops album review – Just Imagine – Volume 1

Kazoops is all about Monty, a six-year-old boy who challenges life’s questions both big and small with the help of his limitless imagination and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. In each episode, the duo enters make-believe worlds to challenge everyday preconceptions such as ‘do things have to be the same all the time?’ or ‘do all games really need rules?

Since the launch of the series in July 2016, the music in Kazoops has been inspiring children with its variety of genres and whimsical combination of guitars, ukuleles, drums, glockenspiels, retro synths, string vocals and more. The beautiful songs from each episode successfully highlight the magic and power of a child’s imagination, and what sets the songs apart is that parents love and enjoy them too.
Patrick Egerton, Executive Producer, Cheeky Little Media, commented: “Music pervades Kazoops at all levels, and not just because each episode contains a unique song.

kazoops, kazoops music, kazoops album, just imagine

Click this picture to buy the album!

Children’s TV producer, Cheeky Little Media, is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Just Imagine – Volume 1’ on Friday 28th October. A total of 20 songs from the popular Kazoops series is included in this first album, and digital service providers include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and Youtube. Fans of the pre-school TV series will be able to either buy the album and individual songs or alternatively stream the music online.

We love the songs, especially Master A. He loves music and he has been trying to sing along. His favourite has to be the Dinosaurus Games song. We love it so much that we thought we would share it with you here – just click on the picture below!

kazoops, kazoops music, kazoops album, just imagine

To listen to more of the songs visits the Kazoops YouTube channel

Note: this is a paid blog post but we truly love the songs on the Kazoops Album!