Essential One Newborn clothing review – and 0-3 months!

As an The Essential One Much Loved Blogger, I was sent a parcel with newborn clothes for Master A. I had previously bought some 0-3 month clothing for him, including this wonderful sleepsuit in this video. This video means a lot to me as it is when Master A started to talk!

I am a huge fan of The Essential One clothes so far. I LOVE the fact that some of the clothing has in-built mits. It gets cold here now during the night and Master A’s hands get so cold! He also scratches himself for fun. I also love the fact that you can get vests that match the sleepsuits. My mum commented on this and she said it is fantastic!

I am looking forward to making sure that Master A grows up with at least a few sleepsuits and vests from the Essential One at every stage!

The clothes from The Essential One wash perfectly well. I always turn my clothes inside out just to be sure but they have lasted a long time in terms of how many times they have been worn. Sadly the newborn clothes that were sent didn’t last very long as Master A is a big boy and is almost in 3-6 month clothes already (at 10 weeks old). The 0-3 month old clothes that I bought are still growing strong.

Here are some pictures of the clothes that I was sent and of ones that I bought, I will be adding more pictures when I take them of the ones I have bought. Unfortunately the ones that I was sent do not fit Master A any more, he is getting a big boy. I will be keeping the newborn clothes as these are the best ones he has had! I think I will make them into a teddy or something, just so that they can be treasured forever!

essentialonecollage 300x300 Essential One Newborn clothing review   and 0 3 months!

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