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I have been given the opportunity to give my readers the chance to win a Personal Planner. I am being sent one for review and I really can’t wait! I have kept mine really simple but the options to make your own Personal Planner personal to you are fantastic! Personal Planners, I think, make a fantastic Christmas present! I know I would love to receive one especially now I have two children and have numerous hospital appointments that I need to attend (for myself!)

So in order to enter, please enter using the Rafflecopter widget. There is one mandatory task of leaving a comment and several optional tasks.

Good luck everyone!

Ends 1st December 2013 12:00am

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  88 Responses to “Win a Personal Planner”

  1. I would keep it for myself as I Need to be organised

  2. I’d give it to my daughter in law x

  3. I feel I need it myself

  4. I would keep it…..15 month old and baby 2 due in January means I have a severe case of baby brain!
    Robyn Logan Clarke recently posted..Built to lastMy Profile

  5. I’d keep it myself. I need it to remind me of birthdays and appointments. I’ve got a habit of using scraps of paper at the moment.

  6. myself so i can stay organised

  7. meeeeeeeeee! been hinting to my family for one for ages but don’t think they are listening :(

  8. I would keep it for myself as I am so un organised!

  9. My mum – she uses one of these every year

  10. I’d give it to my Mum she’s getting a bit scatty these days, she might give me a clip round the ear if I said that though :p
    Emma Jackson recently posted..Bangladesh – FuchkaMy Profile

  11. i would keep it for myself as i am so forgetful

  12. I would keep it to help me be more organised!

  13. My mum, I buy her next years diary every Christmas.

  14. My hubbie so he can keep track of all his appoimtments

  15. I would give this planner to myself. Starting a new job in December and I could do with being a bit more organised!

  16. My daughter would love one of these

  17. I would keep for myself , i a awful at being organised and hopefully this will help me xx

  18. I would give the planner to my husband… He’s hopeless at remembering anything like nights out or arranging babysitters!

  19. I’d keep it for myself. Need something nice to write in rather than scraps of paper and old envelopes. h

  20. My mum as she leads a very busy life.

  21. My mum

  22. my other half

  23. I think I would keep this for my self as I need organising

  24. I’d keep it for myself!

  25. I’d keep it for myself :-)

  26. I’d use it myself!

  27. I would wrap it up and put it under the tree for……me :)

  28. My daughter. .. whos just become a nurse!

    V.. proud!

  29. My husband as he is really disorganised and has a new job .

  30. My oldest daughter

  31. My husband with my birthday written in large letters

  32. i would keep it for myself as i would find it invaluable

  33. I would keep it to help keep me and the kids organised. x

  34. Me! :) my memory is terrible!

  35. Myself as need to keep all the important school dates somewhere safe and also the kid’s activities

  36. I would keep it for myself

  37. My mum. She is unbelievably forgetful so is mad on lists & writing everything down. She loves a planner :)

  38. I’d give it to my best friend. They have a really busy family and she has to co-ordinate it all.

  39. I would keep it :)

  40. I would keep it for myself. With having CFS my memory is awful so this would help me greatly in my daily life.
    SusanD crochet addict uk recently posted..Crochet Along with Cuddle Bug KidsMy Profile

  41. I would give it to my sister to help her work schedule!

  42. myself so hopefully i would be organized

  43. I would keep it for my self as i am so unorganized :)

  44. I would keep it all to myself!!!

    Angela M recently posted..An impromptu afternoon teaMy Profile

  45. I’d give it me! I’ve wanted one for ages

  46. I’d give it to my mother. :)

  47. Me I really need some organisation..
    Hellie recently posted..Stop Bashing the Breadmaker!My Profile

  48. My mum :D

  49. i would keep it myself to organise myself with appointments, meetings and keeping my comps up to date

  50. Great for all the days out planing.

  51. My Mum who lives abroad

  52. for myself i just love to be organised

  53. My daughter

  54. I’d love this for myself as I am moving after Christmas and need to keep everything in check!

  55. I would give it to my sister, she is useless at remembering things!

  56. I need it desperately! :)

  57. My Husband Because of his job and because he cant keep track of his shifts, he turns up for work and is not on the rota, also forgets when he has his holidays books?!?! seriously he needs organising lol

  58. i would keep it myself as i definately need one of these to keep organised

  59. i would keep it :)

  60. Keep it for myself I think

  61. I’d keep it.
    Erica Price recently posted..Truprint Framed Canvas ReviewMy Profile

  62. I’d keep it to organise all my kids playdates!

  63. I’d keep it for myself as I really need one, it would be so useful! :) xx

  64. Myself to keep the family organised

  65. my daughter as she loves to be organised

  66. I would keep it for myself,i am always forgetting things so this would really help

  67. I would give it to my best friend Julia who is 50 this Saturday. She will need it to make her new list “Things to do before im 60′, as she fulfilled the last list, and needs something new to write all her ambitions and dreams in

  68. I would give it to my friend Emily as we are making gift hampers for each other.

  69. I would give it to my best friend who is adorable but a little scatty

  70. I’d keep it. My diary is my brain and right now in 2014 I ain’t gonna have one!
    Laura recently posted..RECIPE: Duerr’s Baking for Boys and Easy Berry-Orange JelliesMy Profile

  71. I would keep it for myself :)

  72. I’d give it to me – I’ve got a whole family to organise!

  73. my daughter

  74. l would keep it as l am now chairman of FADAP ( Falkirk Area Disability Access Panel )

  75. I would give it my mum as she is getting a new puppy so shes gonna be busy

  76. To my mum for Christmas :) xxx

  77. I’d give it to my daughter!

  78. i would keep it for myself so i can keep all my appointments etc more organised

  79. My mum

  80. I’d keep it myself in the hope I would finally get organised!

  81. My work colleague who forgets everything.

  82. I’d actually love to keep it myself as I am so disorganised :-)

  83. I’d like to keep it myself

  84. I would get one for myself!

  85. I think it would be a gift to myself!

  86. I’d keep it for me for planning my wedding x

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