Nov 272013

My November was a bit shocking to be honest. What with being in and out of hospitals due to gallstone issues and my gallbladder removal operation being postponed, part of me wishes that I could forget November. But most of me doesn’t want to. I have two reasons why I don’t want to. My two children. Miss A and Master A make everything that I have been through minor, when it actually isn’t minor. They are my world. I fight to get out of hospital so I can be with them. I leave before I should most times but I need to be with them.

I am so proud of them, proud of Miss A and how she has dealt with the arrival of Master A and my ill health. I hope that continues, especially when I have my operation. I am proud of Master A and how he seems to be an amazing baby. He only cries when he is hungry and uncomfortable with wind (and at the moment because he has a virus) and he LOVES his big sister!

So even though November was a bit horrific, it was made up by my two children.

 The Gallery: November

These two mean the world to me

The Gallery e1372717730880 The Gallery: November


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  13 Responses to “The Gallery: November”

  1. And both children seem to be sporting stripes very well!


  2. You definitely have had a hard November – I really hope December is a brilliant healthy month for you and its gallbladder free soon!!
    Notmyyearoff recently posted..Dearest Toddler – 2 Years and 11 MonthsMy Profile

  3. Here’s hoping December is much better

  4. I’m sorry November has been so awful. Here’s to recovery and health and Christmas xx

  5. Wishing you all the best on the health front. My Mum had that operation. Lovely picture. Only yesterday I gazed at my children and loved them so much for having fun at quite a stressful time for us as a couple.
    They really do make life worthwhile even in challenging times.
    kateonthinice recently posted..November is all about job searchMy Profile

  6. What a lovely photo. I really hope things pick up for you soon, you’ve had a really tough time.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..The Gallery: NovemberMy Profile

  7. Aww lovely post. Kids always have the ability to make you feel better, no matter what.

  8. Sorry, it’s been a tough time. Hope you are perking up. That photo says it all about family and love xxxx

  9. Your children are gorgeous. It always amazes me how resilient kids can be when hardship strikes. Wishing you a happy healthy December with your beautiful children

  10. Fingers crossed that you can soon get your operation done and be in better health again.
    And I love how you still saw the positive in November. xx
    Funky Wellies recently posted..Birthday Cake For A Rock GuitaristMy Profile

  11. I hope that you are back to being 100% very soon, what lovely littlies you have x #theGallery
    Mama Owl recently posted..Win a £60 Amazon VoucherMy Profile

  12. aww, what a beautiful picture. I hope the days go quickly until the op.
    HelpfulMum recently posted..01.12.13 Silent SundayMy Profile

  13. Our kids make our lives a little more bearable and you have such lovely kids.

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