Jul 172013

122 micro fibre 0121 Black v2 300x232 Bravado Embrace bra review

I was provided with a lovely Bravado Embrace in white. It has lovely pink edging to it and looks very me!

I was recently provided with two Bravado Seamless bras (review: http://www.prestonprecious.com/2013/07/bravado-body-silk-seamless-bra-review.html) and even though these are softer, the Bravado Embrace is a bit more supportive. I think that having both these bras are necessary as when I am a bit tender, the seamless bras are a must, both are comfortable but the seamless ones are a little bit less supportive, they are more gentler!

The Bravado Embrace is fantastic and even though I haven’t used it as a nursing bra yet, only 8 more weeks to go, it has helped me feel very comfortable and supported. I am getting so used to having non-underwired bras. I don’t think I will ever go back to wearing them after breastfeeding! They kept making me so sore!

Some key things about the Bravado Embrace bra:

  • Revolutionary patent pending Bravado Dynatex™ fabric – combines premium cotton & luxurious microfiber all in one
  • Breathable & seamless fabric – provides added comfort
  • Four-way stretch – fabric moulds to your changing breast shape
  • Slimming back panels – Bravado Dynatex™ fabric gives you a smooth look
  • Lightweight and wire-free, yet strong & supportive – even to a L/M cup
  • Smooth and wrinkle free – great to wear under your favorite shirt
  • Full drop away bra cup – important for skin to skin contact
  • Complimentary bra extender included
  • Proprietary easy open and close clips

I love this bra and it is definitely the nursing bra to have when you want some support as well as comfort!


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