Jun 192013

Well I am very lucky to have two Dads. My step-dad brought me up but my Dad was there and I saw him every other weekend. I am very lucky!

Miss A’s dad is amazing, he works so hard and still has some time (not much recently, he has been working too hard but then he is now a team leader or soon to be a team leader) to spend time with us. He is a really good dad and fiancé.

I have my favourite photo him and Miss A but it has been used on my blog too many times already. I recently found this photo after Miss A’s first bath. She wasn’t impressed, I think her eyes say it all. But look at my fiancé’s face, I think that is the look of love!

afirstbath 300x269 The Gallery: Dads

Miss A’s first bath

Gallery logo The Gallery: Dads


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  10 Responses to “The Gallery: Dads”

  1. Gorgeous photo… Definitely the look of love on his part, not so sure about baby’s! :D

  2. Gorgeous photo!
    LauraCYMFT recently posted..Dads #TheGalleryMy Profile

  3. Bless. Lovely post. That expression does say it all, doesn’t it?
    Herding Cats recently posted..The Gallery – DadsMy Profile

  4. Gorgeous and lovely x
    Susan Mann recently posted..The Gallery 146 – DadsMy Profile

  5. Its lovely how A is studying her dads face. Gorgeous pic!

  6. That sure is am adoring look, sweet photo

  7. His look does say it all doesn’t it.
    Kelloggsville recently posted..The Ghost WalkMy Profile

  8. what a really lovely post x

  9. What a gorgeous photo. Such love, and the look on her face is cracking!
    HelpfulMum recently posted..The Photo Gallery: DadsMy Profile

  10. That’s the look my brother had on his face the first time he held little man, definitely the look of love!
    MummaG recently posted..The Gallery – DadsMy Profile

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