Mar 052013

Life has got in the way these past two weeks.

I have been to see my family, been trying to declutter this house and dealing with a poorly dog. Yes Tilly was very sick Friday and Saturday and was sick once on Sunday. Not sure what caused it but Tyson has been OK. She seems a lot better now but I am not building my hopes up until she has a good few days of not being sick and when her appetite gets better. At least she is eating some now but not a lot.

So yes I am over 12 weeks pregnant now. Reaching the 12 week milestone was good, however the morning that I became 12 weeks was a stressful one. I started to bleed a little. I was expecting some blood as my scan showed an area where blood was collected. However the blood coming out was red. I was told to expect brown blood. So I called the hospital and was told that they do not do weekend scans so yesterday I phoned them again to be told that they only scan you with a referral from the doctor. So I phoned and was expecting them to just refer me and they didn’t. I had to go in and at the moment, this isn’t possible as Miss A is ill and she had diarrhoea, a cold and a cough. The bleeding has stopped now so I shall wait until my dating scan next week. Nothing will change the outcome and the bleeding wasn’t like it was when I miscarried, not at all.

I still feel pregnant, I am craving orange juice and lemonade (together), Goody Good Stuff sweets – I have finally managed to get some at last, sweet chilli Sunbites and Wotsits! My cravings change all the time it seems.

I am still very tired and my energy levels are non-existent. Really need to sort this out as it is getting to me that I can’t stay up at night time. I am sure that my night-time insomnia that I had with Miss A will kick in soon! But then I don’t really want this to happen as Miss A will suffer then!

I am looking forward to my scan next Wednesday, especially with what happened at the weekend. I was worried at the weekend and yesterday but I am not now. I think I have the attitude of what will be will be.


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