Mar 032013

I absolutely love lavender, it is one of my favourite smells for the bath. Now did you know that lavender is also edible?

Riverside Lifestyle sent me a lovely little hamper with some strawberry jam, lavender body lotion, lavender shower gel, lavender bath creamer, a champagne truffle and the most interesting of them all, a lavender truffle!

Now I haven’t tried the bath products yet, I am having a few issues with my pregnancy and am at the moment avoiding all essential oils and such at the moment (until I go to the hospital on Monday or Tuesday) so I will amend this blog post when I do get the all clear so unfortunately I cannot comment on how good these products are. The bath creamer looks absolutely amazing and I wish I could use it now as it would do me the world of good but I am too frightened to. However a few days before my issues started (and it certainly didn’t cause these issues) I did eat the champagne truffle and the lavender truffle. Oh my, both of these are absolutely divine! I was very pleasantly surprised that the lavender truffle tasted so nice! Shame I only had one of each truffle, but that is probably a good thing as I would of eaten them all at once!

The strawberry jam is amazing too. I love strawberry jam but this jam is one of the best strawberry jams that I have tasted. I have had slices of toast with this jam almost every day.

This hamper of products is certainly a very nice idea and once I get the OK to use lavender I will be using the bath products and updating this blog post to tell you all about it.

To find out more about these fantastic products then visit

I will also be adding some pictures of the items that I have been sent but to give you all time to order your Riverside Lifestyle products for Mother’s Day, I had best post this today.


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