Feb 042013

I thought I would start a pregnancy diary. I forgot a lot about being pregnant with Miss A so this would do me good.

Well I am 9 weeks pregnant. I am very pleased to get to this stage, another three weeks and I will hopefully have my first scan. I really could do with a scan now as I think I need some reassurance. I can’t help but worry about everything with this pregnancy.

I am very tired, have been all the way through. I am getting used to it but wish that Miss A would nap every day. She has only had one nap in two weeks.

We haven’t told Miss A that she is likely to be a big sister. I did that last time and regret it. Not that she mentioned it at all, but now she is getting older and more and more aware of what goes on around her, I want to be sure that the first scan goes well first. Miss A is going to be a fantastic big sister, she has a lot of love to give.

I had some pain last week but was reassured by some lovely people on Twitter. Could of been stretching. See told you I worry! I don’t feel very pregnant right now. Apart from my tiredness and sore boobs. I haven’t missed that pain at all. My goodness they hurt!

I am a bit emotional at the moment, I think I have snapped at my fiancé a couple of times..oops! No sickness yet, although I feel queasy at night time and often can’t eat my dinner. So I often go to bed hungry!

Not really much to say this week, but I am sure that in time I will have lots to say so I thought I would start a weekly diary now.


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  1. Glad it is going well and its natural to worry, I have a scan on 27th Feb, although I have no idea how pregnant I am, I am suffering very badly with being sick, so I hope you don’t get it! I look forward to following you through, I shall start a diary after the scan too xxx
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