Adenoidectomy – why am I worried?

I am sitting here, trying to blog but to be honest my head is full of stuff about what Tuesday will bring.

Not sure why I am worried, it is just a minor operation, but it is an operation. An operation I don’t really want. I know that I will be OK, I know that, or have read, that the 24 hours with a sore throat could be a little more..more like a couple of weeks. I can deal with that. Or could I? Think so. Compared to what it could of been, another parotid gland tumour adenoidectomy is nothing. I hope!

I think it is more to do with another day away from my family, when it has only been 10 months since my last hospital stay, my last operation. The dreaded gallbladder removal. At least this time it is less invasive! I can walk properly. I probably won’t be able to eat for a few days..a good thing, right? I was jumping for joy about the news that the consultant gave me, I still am..mostly. But I just could do without another operation.

I am a little bit worried about what caused the enlarged/swollen/congested adenoids. As mentioned in the last blog post, I should have hardly any. I know the consultant said he wasn’t overly worried about it but then I wonder why I have to have them removed and for them to be tested. Oh my goodness my brain sucks! I have a brain that analyses too much. I suppose it is natural but very very annoying.

So I have one normal day and then I am going to hospital Tuesday morning. I am to have the operation in a private hospital. Still NHS treatment though! Wonder whether I get my own room?!

After Tuesday, just need to get the blood test out of the way and HOPEFULLY!! I will get a clean bill of health! Just need to shift some of my weight. Ohh I bought a Fitbit One today. Going to collect it tomorrow! I am rather excited about receiving this. Perhaps it will give me the motivation that I need.



Be healthy and happy.

As you can see, I haven’t been around for a while. My health has been quite rubbish recently. There seemed to be endless issues and even though there are still things that need to be done, I feel that I am in a better place mentally and physically. 

I thought my parotid gland tumour was back, or something was up with my brain. Well something is up with my brain, or was. I worry too much but that has been put right. I hope! So no tumour! I found out on Monday. I am over the moon with that! They did find out that I have something going on with my adenoids. They are enlarged/inflamed so I have to have an adenoidectomy. Apparently I shouldn’t have hardly adenoids left so they need removing and what they remove needs testing. The ENT consultant isn’t particularly worried about this.

I also need my vitamin B12 levels tested so that should be done very soon.

So I am hoping that I can now catch up on some reviews and basically get back to blogging again.



Can Cyber Clean clean my disgusting keyboard?

cybercleanpack 600x398 Can Cyber Clean clean my disgusting keyboard?

My keyboard for my computer is disgusting! It is horrific. I really need to throw it away! Or do I? I was sent a pack of Cyber Clean to try and clean my keyboard. So I put it to the test.

On opening I was quite surprised to find that it looked and felt like slime. It has a funny smell to it but it wasn’t a bad smell. Getting it out of the packet was a bit of a challenge, I got messy hands. Luckily once out, you can use the compound to get the mess from your hands. 

Using it, it was quite fun. It did get rid of most of the stains and most of the debris that was in the gaps of the keys, what it didn’t do and I didn’t expect it to do was shift the stains of the liquids that were accidentally poured into the keyboard. Think it is hot chocolate. I told you my keyboard was terrible!

As you can see, the before and after photos are noticably different! OK it isn’t spotless, but my keyboard is or should I say was a state!

cybercleancollage 600x200 Can Cyber Clean clean my disgusting keyboard?

I was rather impressed with Cyber Clean. It does the job as best as I would expect it to and if I manage to clean my keyboard more regularly, then it will be more easier. 

Once you have finished with Cyber Clean, you put it back in the packet. On the back of the packet, there is an indicator which tells you when you should replace the Cyber Clean. I am not too sure how long this pack will last, it is looking a bit like that colour after two uses. There is no information on the pack on how long Cyber Clean is going to last. 

So will I replace it? Well if it is readily available in shops and does actually last more than a handful of uses, then possibly. I will however have to do something to my keyboard to get rid of the hot chocolate stain soon though!

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