ADDIS Clip and Close Food storage review

addisclipandclose 600x426 ADDIS Clip and Close Food storage review

Most of the ADDIS products that I received

I was sent a few items from the ADDIS Clip and Close storage range.

I was sent a cereal container, liquid container and a selection of food storage boxes.

I am rather impressed with this range and it is far better quality than some I have bought in the past. I have never owned a fridge jug or a cereal container before. After now testing these, I will not be without them. Because the ADDIS Clip and Close range are very good quality and are sturdy, the cereal can be just poured in to the cereal container and the lid is sealed enough for it to not go stale. I used to keep cereals in their boxes. I must get some more as we often have three types of cereal in use.

The liquid container is fantastic for any juices that I make or for any juice cartons/milk cartons where you have to cut the carton. I am going to start making my juices more often as I need to be more healthy and I assume it will be cheaper than buying smoothies, just need a decent blender!

The food storage boxes are handy for so many things and I have had  several things in them already. I have stored my cakes in them, Master A’s snacks, open packs of biscuits to name a few! I have found these boxes a lot better than the cheaper boxes I have had. I love boxes that have clips on them rather than just the push down lids. I find them a lot easier to open and close.

I think some of these will be ideal for things like Moon Dough as I want Miss A to become more independent now she has the dining room as her craft room and she knows that any Moon Dough and playdough that goes on the floor goes in the bin (if it can’t be picked up and used again).

So you can tell that I am rather impressed with the ADDIS Clip and Close range! To find out more about the range then visit

The day that Miss A pushed another child

missafacingtree 492x600 The day that Miss A pushed another child

Yesterday was going OK. Miss A was home from preschool due to rash and teacher strike. We went to indoor play, all was going superbly until it all went wrong. Miss A met a new friend and together played very well. They have a new bus ride there and both Miss A and her new friend were on the bus. Then a little boy got on. A little boy a good year or so younger than Miss A.

For whatever reason, Miss A decided that he can’t be on this bus as it was “for her and her friend” at the time and she pushed him. He fell out of the bus and did hurt himself. I wasn’t with Miss A at the time and nor was Daddy. Miss A is usually more sensible enough to just be left to play. Luckily, the mum of Miss A’s friend saw what happened and told the parent of the little boy so she went to speak to my other half. He went up to where Miss A was hiding, I think she realised she had done wrong soon after she had done it. Hopefully she knows now as my other half and me spent a good hour on and off talking to her about it. Her punishment was that we left straight away, no sticker or sweeties and no ride in the car at Tesco. That made her cry. We sat her down and explained why this was happening.

We have also said that if she ever pushed or hit anyone again then we won’t be able to go to indoor play for a long time. No more seeing her friend, who wasn’t there yesterday. We told her that if she got in a situation where she is angry or upset, she really needs to walk away, to go and play on something else and to NEVER EVER hit or push anyone.

My heart broke a lot yesterday, I was almost in tears at one point. It is not like Miss A at all to do anything like this. It is normally her that gets hurt and every time she does get hurt we make sure that we say that whatever the person did to hurt her, is not right and she shouldn’t copy.

We really didn’t know exactly how to react and deal with this kind of situation, I think we did OK. She understood what we said and what the outcome would be if she did anything like it again. Lets hope she doesn’t.

Hopefully she will listen to us as she is such a lovely little girl. She really is! She is so kind and loving. Really don’t know why she did what she did yesterday.


Miss A makes: Flowers!

flower 400x600 Miss A makes: Flowers!

Miss A has just come in with her latest creation, flowers!

Managed to get hold of them before she took them apart. A simple but cute creation indeed using large pipe cleaners and a pom pom!

She made this all by herself. This pleases me as she is starting to be creative.

missaflowers 600x300 Miss A makes: Flowers!