Apr 162014

So March was National Bed Month. Somebody could of told Master A this, I spent all of March being woke up between the hours of 11:30am and 4am and having to go downstairs with him as he would not go back to sleep in his cot. That is a different blog post and was blogged about yesterday so we don’t need to talk about this any more!

Silentnight have been very good to me and sent me a lot of things to try and help me sleep. I must admit if I didn’t have Master A, I would sleep like a log, all night! I love my sleep but used to get up at 7am, I am a morning person, not a night time person! The things included in the goodies were a lovely selection of Warburtons products.

silentnight1 300x213 Silentnight and National Bed Month

Silentnight have carried out a survey for National Bed Month and they have revealed some interesting stats about the sleep and breakfast habits of our nation. Some of these are as follows.

According to Silentnight’s findings, Britons spend more time checking emails and using the internet each morning than taking care of their appearance, eating breakfast or spending time with their family - The internet is a big thing nowadays isn’t it?! Without the internet, I would not be blogging, chatting on Twitter nor instantly sharing photos of my little ones to my family. It can be quite time consuming and addictive though!

After getting out of bed, more than half of those polled check emails, 48 per cent use the internet and 47 per cent watch TV - I must admit, I tend to use the internet when I get out of bed but that is because that is when Miss A is still asleep. I daresay that will change when she starts primary school!

A third of people admitted they were too busy in the morning to shave or put on make up, while almost a fifth went without breakfast in favour of more sleep -  Well I rarely use make up. I should do. In terms of having more sleep..I wish!

Even though I have Master A stopping me from sleeping, I thought I would share Silentnight’s Dr Nerina’s Top Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

One of these certainly helps me keep going at lunch time!

silentnight2 Silentnight and National Bed Month

Apr 162014
avenhamparkpavillion 270x300 The Gallery: A Favourite Place

The Pavilion, in the distance

This is my favourite place, Avenham Park in Preston. We are so lucky to have this park nearby. It is fantastic for our dogs and our children. See that pavilion in the distance? That has a lovely little cafe inside. I have so many happy memories in that park.


The Gallery e1372717730880 The Gallery: A Favourite Place
Apr 152014

2014 03 31 11.53.46 300x225 Back to blogging wish it was back to sleep!

I am back…again! Life has been filled with poorly children and other not so nice things recently and even though I am writing this blog post with a nasty cold, I am pleased to say that I have so many thing planned for me and my two lovely children. At the moment we do have so many challenges, mainly Master A waking up any time between the hours of midnight and 4am. This has been going on for so long now. It all started when he had chicken pox. Yes, I gave both my two chicken pox..all thanks to my shingles.

I do not know why he is doing this but he is not keen at all to be in his cot after waking. Could be reflux, could be trapped wind, seperation anxiety, I really don’t know but I need my sleep. I need my sleep to function so I have been bringing him downstairs and putting him in his chair and after he passes wind, he goes to sleep. He is poorly at the moment and is so unsettled so he often doesn’t sleep well.

I have tried massaging him and that does work to a degree. I really did think that colic stopped after a few months of age. Not sure what is so different about him. Anyway, once he gets over this bug we have all got, I am going to take him back to the doctors and asking for him to either have some tests done or be given a medicine that he can tolerate. He has been prescribed ranitidine and dicycloverine. He will not take either, not even in a dummy dispenser. I am sure that one of those would help him but I can’t get him to take it.

I have so many things that I have listed to do. So many changes to my life and I can’t wait to make these changes! I will be blogging about them. Some of them include actually trying to help my other half do some diy, help furnish this house, increase the variety of foods we eat. Being vegetarian, our diet at the moment, although OK, is boring. Nothing we make is amazing. I also want to start crafting, with Miss A as well as myself. I want to learn how to knit and crochet. I also have a scrapbook that needs to be filled so I also want to start card making and scrapbooking!

There are, I hope, exciting times ahead. Just need more sleep and for us all to be a bit more healthy!

Apr 152014

Did you know that if you register (for free) on the Ella’s Kitchen website, you can get a free interactive weaning guide? No? Well you can! Visit http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk/ to register.

I have been looking at the weaning guide for a little while now and even though I have been through the weaning process before, it is amazing how much I have forgotten about!

As Master A is only 6 months old. He is still on the stage 1 on the whole weaning process so I have only really looked at that stage of the weaning guide. I must admit it does make the whole process seem fun. I am so lucky with Master A. He has took to solids very well. Miss A on the other hand didn’t!

There are some really useful tips on the guide and the whole guide is eye catching and entertaining. I love the finger painting idea..makes note to make sure that Master A gets a chance to do this! It is rather interactive and so easy to use. Master A is 7 months old soon so I shall be checking out the next stage of the weaning guide very soon!

One thing that would be lovely is sample menus and meal plans. I am still unsure how much Master A should be eating. I know every baby is different but it would be nice to know how much and what other people feed their baby throughout the day.

2014 03 20 10.38.52 Ellas Kitchen Weaning Guide and First Tastes pouches review

I was sent a selection of Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes pouches. These pouches contain just one single type of food. The varieties are carrots, prunes, parsnips, peaches and sweet potatoes. All of the food in the pouches were eaten by Master A…quickly! He LOVED the prunes one. That really did surprise me!

For this blog post, I was sent a selection of Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes pouches and a lovely silver spoon

Apr 142014

Miss A went to Manchester with her Daddy. Together they visited the Disney Store, Lego Shop, had lunch at Pizza Hut and then went to see CBeebies Live: The Big Band.

Doesn’t she look pretty? The Dress is a Baker by Ted Baker dress (from Debenhams) and the little zip up jacket is from Sainsburys!

Apr 112014

Landscape range shot Nov 13 300x161 St Helens Farm Goats Milk products review

I was sent a lovely selection of St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk products to try out.

What can I say, I was rather concerned about trying them, my Mum warned me that goats’ milk tasted horrible. This was many years ago though so I decided to try the products. And I was so pleasantly surprised! Every single product that I tried was absolutely delicious!

I unfortunately didn’t get round to experiment with them as it was the time when my Dad died. I am looking forward to getting some more products to experiment!

I loved them all but my favourite was the St Helen’s Farm Blossom Honey Goats Milk Yogurt! I never used to like honey but this is divine! In fact all the yogurts were yummy!

They are a little bit pricey compared to their far less superior cows milk based (usually supermaket own brand) alternative that we usually buy but I shall be buying these as a treat! I am going to buy my Mum some products so she can try them when I visit her in May. I am a goats’ milk lover, wonder if these St Helen’s Farm products can make my Mum be one too! Love you Mum! xx

Oh and thanks St Helen’s Farm for the mugs and the goat soft toy. That has been claimed by Miss A! The badges have gone astray, somewhere!

To find out more, visit http://www.sthelensfarm.co.uk/

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Apr 112014

night garden live 084 300x200 Win a family ticket to see In the Night Garden Live

We love In the Night Garden Live. It is great for little ones that love In the Night Garden. We have been before and Miss A has thoroughly enjoyed the show. We are going again this year, Master A will be going too! His first ever show.

A bit more about the show:

IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE is an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Children’s favourite CBeebies’ stars – Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends – are all brought beautifully to life on stage using full-size costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music and breath-taking projections.

IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE takes place in its own all-weather, purpose-built inflatable showdome with many family-friendly facilities. This site-specific structure is a huge hit with children and parents and its immersive theatrical experience makes audiences feel they are actually entering the magical world of the TV show In the Night Garden.

I now have something to offer my readers, the chance to win a family ticket to see In The Night Garden Live. To enter please visit http://www.nightgardenlive.com/prestonprecious and answer the question and fill out the form on there.

My terms and conditions:
Prize is for one family ticket to see In the Night Garden Live
Prize draw closes 30th April 2014.
All submitted entry data goes to In the Night Garden Live and not me so please bear that in mind.
The entry page has other terms and conditions and also a privacy policy for you to read (bottom of the page)
Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com

Apr 112014

We were sent a MAM manual breast pump, some soothers (including a MAM Perfect soother), a MAM steriliser and some MAM anti-colic bottles to test out. Master A is a lot better at feeding than what Miss A was. He does have a milk allergy and reflux but this doesn’t stop him from eating very well.

I breastfed Master A for a week and a bit and then expressed my milk up until I ended up in hospital with gallbladder/gallstone issues when he was two and a half weeks. I used an electric pump and also MAM manual breast pump. I found the manual pump got more milk sooner than what the electric pump did. This is probably because it did the job a bit more forceful whereas the electric pump seemed to be too gentle. I had another manual pump but didn’t get on with that at all.

As said, I gave up expressing as I was too ill and taking medication that I couldn’t take when breastfeeding. So we are now using formula milk. I had a stash of MAM 5 1/2 oz bottles and these are the only bottles that Master A uses and feels comfortable using. I love the fact that they come apart so well for easy cleaning. The anti-colic system seems to work rather well as Master A isn’t screaming constantly at all. He does struggle with wind and has done since having chicken pox, this is usually 3am at night but I think reflux plays a big part of all this, not the bottles.

2013 12 04 18.10.55 225x300 MAM Steriliser Set, Perfect Soother, 0+ Soother and Anti Colic bottles review

When I was out and about, someone who I was talking to said that the MAM bottles are her favourite bottles. So they do seem to be rather good! I have since bought the larger versions as Master A is now drinking 8 oz of milk!

2014 01 08 11.59.53 225x300 MAM Steriliser Set, Perfect Soother, 0+ Soother and Anti Colic bottles review

I was also given a few soothers for Master A. He LOVES his dummies! I had to introduce them to him at a young age because I gave up breastfeeding and he had nothing to help his suckling instincts. I used MAM soothers for Miss A and she loved them too. Master A was given a MAM Perfect soother and this hasn’t been very successful as of yet, I will keep trying. Miss A loved her Perfect soother.

2014 01 19 11.37.18 225x300 MAM Steriliser Set, Perfect Soother, 0+ Soother and Anti Colic bottles review

We were also sent a MAM steriliser. I don’t like using any other form of sterilising apart from cold water sterilising. I have used this from day one and loved it until I needed to put more than two bottles in it (you cannot comfortably fit more than two bigger size bottles). I had to give up using this day to day and buy a bigger cold water steriliser,

All in all I love the MAM products that were sent and it has certainly made feeding and soothing Master A a lot easier!

And now we are weaning, which is an exciting adventure in itself!

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