Can Cyber Clean clean my disgusting keyboard?

cybercleanpack 600x398 Can Cyber Clean clean my disgusting keyboard?

My keyboard for my computer is disgusting! It is horrific. I really need to throw it away! Or do I? I was sent a pack of Cyber Clean to try and clean my keyboard. So I put it to the test.

On opening I was quite surprised to find that it looked and felt like slime. It has a funny smell to it but it wasn’t a bad smell. Getting it out of the packet was a bit of a challenge, I got messy hands. Luckily once out, you can use the compound to get the mess from your hands. 

Using it, it was quite fun. It did get rid of most of the stains and most of the debris that was in the gaps of the keys, what it didn’t do and I didn’t expect it to do was shift the stains of the liquids that were accidentally poured into the keyboard. Think it is hot chocolate. I told you my keyboard was terrible!

As you can see, the before and after photos are noticably different! OK it isn’t spotless, but my keyboard is or should I say was a state!

cybercleancollage 600x200 Can Cyber Clean clean my disgusting keyboard?

I was rather impressed with Cyber Clean. It does the job as best as I would expect it to and if I manage to clean my keyboard more regularly, then it will be more easier. 

Once you have finished with Cyber Clean, you put it back in the packet. On the back of the packet, there is an indicator which tells you when you should replace the Cyber Clean. I am not too sure how long this pack will last, it is looking a bit like that colour after two uses. There is no information on the pack on how long Cyber Clean is going to last. 

So will I replace it? Well if it is readily available in shops and does actually last more than a handful of uses, then possibly. I will however have to do something to my keyboard to get rid of the hot chocolate stain soon though!

To find out more about Cyber Clean, visit

Off to primary school

missaprimaryschool 450x600 Off to primary school

Well Miss A is now at primary school. This is her first full week and she is enjoying it.

Really don’t know where the time has gone. It only seems like yesterday that she was a baby, which is odd as I now have Master A and he is a year old tomorrow! Yes a whole year old! Again, not sure where the time has gone.

I had so many worries about Miss A starting primary school but those worries soon disappeared. It helps that Miss A is quite confident. She doesn’t have many troubles in making new friends. I hope that this continues thoughout her life.

So now it is just me and Master A at home. It really does feel odd. I got used to Miss A’s company. I am looking forward to starting to try and socialise a bit more now I don’t have to take Miss A to preschool. Having double the amount of hours spare each day will be useful. I will miss Miss A but she has to go to school so I must make the use of the spare time I have to make sure that Master A has a good time before he starts preschool.

I am thinking about getting involved with the school too. Not sure what I can do with Master A being with me but I am sure I can do something.

So quite a good start to a new chapter in our lives, a better one than I expected!

The Gallery: The Sky

Me and Miss A often look at the sky, looking for birds, planes, helicopters etc. I don’t really take photos of the sky but a few weeks ago I did! The clouds looked fantastically weird as you can see in this photo. I love clouds and seeing what patterns they can make, not seen the clouds like this before though! 

sky 600x449 The Gallery: The Sky


The Gallery e1372717730880 The Gallery: The Sky