Challenge – Ice Skating

Tonight I will be doing something totally out of my comfort zone.

I will be having my first ice skating lesson.

Daddy and Miss A have had a few lessons already. I am so proud of my other half. He is amazing with the children.

I don’t do well with new things, I am very stuck in a rut. A scaredy-cat. I want to change this, I am going to change this. There is no need for me to feel like this. Tonight, I am going to try my best. I am not going to rush things, take my time. To actually step on the ice is the biggest challenge.

The reason that I am so scared, I think, stems from my accident. Having a van hit me when I was on my bicycle and remembering it all didn’t do me a favour at all. Now I hate falling over. I like to have full control of my feet, ice skating takes that away from me as it is slippery!

But I will be brave. I will get on that bus, get those ice skating shoes on and step on that ice.

I will pick myself up when I fall and keep on trying, learn to enjoy it as I am fed up with being the one that is not adventurous. I want my children to be proud of me, to see that if Daddy can do it, then Mummy can!

Wish me luck!

ice skating, five year old ice skating, five year old, skating

So proud of this lovely girl

My Filofax!

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My new Filofax

I don’t do well with having an online calendar or anything. I prefer paper for most things that I have to remember. So I bought myself a Filofax. I was so lucky, I found my Filofax in Homesense for £12.99. I love Homesense a lot! I could spend a fortune in there! Their sister brand is TKMaxx. Again another shop that I love! They are next to each other at the Capitol Centre in Preston. Fantastic location for me!

I want to accessorize it soon and make it all pretty but for now I am using it as is and making sure that everything is in there. I have also started putting together a folder for everything else like blog stuff, coupons and everything that I need.

I am trying my best to not forget anything and make the most of 2016. I intend to blog properly again. Starting today. I miss this blog terribly but I couldn’t find the time to do it and have been so so tired with Master A not sleeping. He is sleeping most nights now so I have a lot more energy.

If you have any recommendations for things for my Filofax then please let me know. Including pages, stickers – anything! Want to make my Filofax look fab and work well for me!

New year – organising my life!

I am a bad planner, my organisation skills are lacking.

This year I am going to sort out my life. Sort out the house. I shall try and not miss any birthdays and appointments this year. I am going to try and make our life together as a family fun. We are going to do more things together.

The house is cluttered, this is going to change. Of course I am going to blog about all of this. I will post about things that works for me.

I will meal plan. I will try and be more adventurous in terms of my cooking. We tend to eat the same things, boring! I have so many recipe books, I hardly ever look at them. I am going to do more baking with Miss A. She loves it!

I am determined to sort my life out. Last year I was not in the right frame of mind, this year is different. I am actually quite excited about it.

The first step is to invest in an organiser. I have been tweeting with Nicola PinkPlannerGirl and as yet I haven’t decided what planner to get. I bought a compact one today but I have realised it will be too small. Personal is the size for me. Go and check Nicola’s YouTube channel…lovely things there!

Hopefully I will have the perfect organiser soon and then I can really get planning on how to make the changes I need to make!

Autumn and Winter makes us poorly

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I don’t want to see Miss A look like this again any time soon

It is amazing, that a change in the weather causes so many people to be poorly. Miss A seems to be the person that picks up everything. She has hardly been at school since the holiday. Last week was the worst. I have never seen her so poorly. At first we were discussing whether to call 111 or even an ambulance. Glad we didn’t. She just had a bad virus. And I mean bad.

She is recovering and we are discussing about sending her back to school tomorrow.

School. What a problem it has been. She has missed so much already. Including her school trip. She loves school. Such a shame.

I wish I could prevent her getting poorly. She has had three things wrong with her in a another few months of cold weather left.

However she is much better now and we have to make sure that we enjoy the times we have where nobody is poorly. So this is what I am going to do.

She is currently at the cinema with her Daddy, watching Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur!

Master A has a bit of a cold but seems OK with it.

Here’s hoping that the rest of the cold months pass us by without too much drama!