First session of speech therapy done

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Talk my boy! Talk!

Master A has had his first speech therapy session. It was more of an assessment and action plan but this is what was needed. The speech therapist agreed that there is a problem with Master A’s speech. She gave me a few ideas on what to do to help him speak. Some very good ideas as well.

I got the letter through the post with a summary of the appointment, it made me cry. Reading “…is a lovely little boy who is experiencing significant speech and language delay/disorder” wasn’t something I wanted to read, well apart from the lovely boy part.

I hope that with what they have given me and the fact that he is going to have some sessions to help make sure that what I am doing is right for him, he will soon be talking. The speech therapist is right, he is a lovely boy and certainly deserves to be talking.

Just imagine how much fun him and his sister will have if he was talking..or perhaps they will be arguing?

I have noticed that interactive toys help Master A to at least try to communicate. We have an ELC Phonics Alphabet Desk which a fantastic toy that a child can learn so much using! So I think I need to investigate what other toys can help as well as doing the activities recommended by the speech therapist.

Any recommendations, ideas, suggestions would be very welcome right now. I just want my boy to talk.

Puppy in my Pocket Soft Carrier and blind bag review

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Miss A loves her dogs so Puppy in my Pocket is definitely an ideal toy for her. She loves her bags well as blind bags. She loves the surprise of blind bags so when she got sent these two lovely products, the Puppy in my Pocket Soft Carrier and the Puppy in my Pocket blind bags, she was over the moon!

Watch this video to see her reaction!

The Puppy in my Pocket Soft Carrier is a lovely carrier to store some of her puppies. I and Miss A likes the fact there are some see-through pockets so she can put her favourite ones in there for all to see.

The quality of the Soft Carrier is rather good. It is certainly durable and is very eye-catching. Miss A loves it! She says it is awesome! In terms of the puppies, she said they were so cute. They are rather cute and I love the fact that they feel furry. The detail is good too. Miss A was lucky to get all different puppies. Of course she wants more of them, especially the blind bags. If they are anything like the rest of the ‘surprise’ toys that Miss A has, we will definitely get duplicates..but I don’t mind getting duplicates of these. They can be brothers or sisters! There are over 100 puppies to collect so you do have lots of chances to get new ones!

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The Puppy in my Pocket Soft Carrier costs £12.99. It has four puppies with it so that is very good value! They Puppy in my Pocket blind bags cost £2.49

I am pretty sure that I had some of these as a child or at least family or friends had them when they were a child in the 90s. I was born in the early 80s so possibly not..but I do remember them, but they are very familiar to me.

I know Miss A loves them and I am sure any girl over 5 would!

Did you know that there will be Kitty in my Pocket later this year? Fantastic for cat lovers!

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Ice skating – I stopped now I am starting again.

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I am going to learn how to ice skate for myself and this lovely girl.

Ice skating – I am not a natural. I am a wuss. I gave ice skating up, apart from taking Miss A every three weeks when my other half is on call. I felt ill even thinking about getting on the ice every week. I am one big wuss. My other half is on level six, I think and Miss A has completed level two.

I have decided to try again. I am now a stone lighter and the last time that I went with Miss A I went on the ice with her determined to stand up. I succeeded.

Now I am still scared about falling, I went to Blackburn Ice Arena last week and I fell. I got up but I think I need to fall several times before I get used to falling. I am not very stable at the moment, I was getting rather good at being stable before I gave up.

I may be scared but I am determined. I am going to go this Sunday with Miss A to her ice skating lesson at Blackpool Arena, a public session on Monday on my own and then I am going to take Master A to the baby and toddler session on the Wednesday. After this time, if I am no better than I don’t know. I think I may need some private lessons.

It is hard being a bit of a wuss. I don’t like it at all, but it is me but I will try and be a stronger and braver person and will start to try and make my life more interesting!

Wish me luck!

Time for speech therapy

Love this boy - just wish he would talk!

Love this boy – just wish he would talk!

On Friday Master A has his first session of proper speech therapy. I think it may be an assessment on the first day but I hope they give me some information on how to get him to talk. He doesn’t say much at all. I am guilty for mothering him too much, giving him what he wants but I did exactly the same with Miss A and she started talking at an early age.

I know that Master A isn’t the same as Miss A but he will be three in September and him not talking is causing problems. I can’t potty train him, I don’t know what he wants some of the time and I want his opinion on things. I want to know what goes on in his lovely caring mind.

Hopefully after a few sessions, and time, Master A will start to talk and then he can have fantastic conversations with us. Once he starts to talk, perhaps we would love him to be quiet, Miss A has never stopped talking, she talks constantly!

He did make me cry at the weekend, he asked for something for the first time. He asked for a cuddle! I was so happy to hear him ask for something and what a lovely thing to ask for! The next day he asked for a biscuit! Just a single word each time, no complete sentences, but it is a start!

I love both of my children and I want them to have a fun and enjoyable life..but most of all to be happy and healthy. I am sure being able to talk will help. I bet they will thoroughly enjoy chatting to each other! They love each other very very much!

I will let you all know how it goes. One day we will have a talkative boy. I know boys are known to be not so early talkers but my instincts are telling me that Master A will benefit from speech therapy. I hope this is true!

Confessions of a Summer Parent

We will be doing a lot of this!

We will be doing a lot of this!

The Summer holidays. Oh how I love them! However how random they are! How do I cope with a six year old and an almost three year old? How did I cope in the past? Well I did and I certainly will this year.

Keeping them busy is very very important. So is a little bit of me time. I find it rather easy to have the children in one room and me in the other room. It is easier now both are older and having a six year old to entertain the youngest one is a blessing! I do make sure that I have some me time. When Miss A is at school it is easy to have some me time at the moment, Master A still has naps. I am going to miss those naps.

When they are together, sticking a film on is great! It means that I have a choice to watch the film, get some housework done, or do nothing/something for me! I adore having on-demand TV. We can watch what we like when we like.

I am very lucky that I can take both children shopping, I haven’t properly shopped for clothes in a long time, I just pick things up but general shopping is great. As long as both have a toy to hold/play with or know that they are getting a toy. It means that I can shop during the week when it isn’t so busy.

Indoor play is awesome, I can now let Miss A and Master A just play. I do keep an eye on them but my local one is awesome. It means that I can have that much needed cup of tea in peace.

I have a bit of a confession to make, well two. The first being I sometimes let the kids play/watch a film while I sit at the dining room table to ‘chill out’. I also let them watch YouTube toy unboxing videos. And do you know what, I like them too. I have no idea why but I do.

This year I am planning the six week holidays in advance. I have a folder of printed activities I have found on various websites, colouring pages. I have some new toys stashed so that I can give them to them over the six weeks. That keeps them amused for a while.

I am a big fan of shows and the cinema. We tend to go to a few a year. Luckily Miss A has a few out of school activities and they continue over the holidays. That breaks the day up a bit. Master A comes with us, so he has a change of scenery. Can’t wait for him to have his own hobbies. I hope they are similar to what Miss A likes. Dancing and karate. Would be very handy!

So here are a few things that make my time as a Summer parent that more easy. The most important thing for me as a parent is a decent cup of tea!

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