nib nibs bite size straws review


I was send a selection of nib nibs straws to try out. Most of them was consumed by my other half and daughter. They loved them, I liked them too but didn’t really get a chance to have more than one per pack!

They are tasty. I would like them to have a little bit more flavour than what they have, but that’s not to everyone’s liking. I think that if they were more flavoursome, Miss A wouldn’t be so keen on them. So perhaps for keeping it as a snack for the whole family, they are fine the way they are.

I would class these snacks as a treat as they cost £1.79 at the moment which for a savoury snack that doesn’t last very long in this house, is a rather expensive snack to buy.

However I will be buying again as they did go down well with me, Miss A and my other half. So which is my favourite? The chilli ones! They were rather yummy! I think all three of us liked them the most.

They only seem to be stocked in Booths if you live in Preston, like I do but you can also buy them at Aga Foodhall.

To find out more about nib nibs, visit especially to find where you can buy yours!

method Minnie Mouse body wash review

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Miss A gets rather excited when she uses her method Minnie Mouse body wash! She loves Minnie Mouse so I was rather happy to receive this Minnie Mouse body  wash for her. It is also a shampoo but I haven’t used it on Miss A’s hair yet. She likes to have a different product on her hair..and in the bath as bubbles.

The fragrance, strawberry fizz,  is rather nice and her skin feels rather soft after use. Don’t tell Miss A, but I sometimes use it too! Don’t worry! I will keep buying it! And probably keep using it! The bottle is eye catching and Minnie Mouse’s face makes me smile every time I pour some out for Miss A to use.

Miss A is a Disney addict. So this product is so right for making her bathtime fun! Bathtime is so important for Miss A. She loves it and I always try and make an effort to make it special for her. 

I love the fact that this method Minnie Mouse body wash is so gentle. It is naturally derived, hypoallergenic and free of nasties including parabens, phthalates or EDTA. It is also tear free so it will be fantastic for Miss A’s hair.

Thanks method for making it! 

Product was sent for review, views my own.