Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf – redeem yours now!

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Look at that face! She is amazed!

My lovely girl, Miss A, loves her toys. She likes collecting things..she has one Zelf. A lovely tiny one who she loves a lot. She wants more. She will get more eventually but in the meantime…we received Mary Go-Round. A limited edition Zelf! Oh my goodness Miss A was so excited and happy!

Mary Go-Round is lovely! Such an unusual Zelf! Miss A loves her so much, I don’t think she has left the dining room table! She is over the moon that she at last has a limited edition toy. Miss A says Mary Go-Round is awesome!

You get a lovely little card stating that the Zelf is limited edition and it has the number printed on it. I bet you that will be the only limited edition that Miss A gets. She collects quite a few toy ranges that have limited editions but we have never been lucky to get any.

zelf, mary go-round, carousel zelf, zelfs, limited edition, moose toys

Mary Go-Round is the rarest of them all. She is the 6th limited edition and 400 are available here in the UK. You can own one too! All you have to do is spend £30 on Zelfs. You need to have £30 of 2016 receipts. Visit to redeem.

If you are a fan of Zelfs then you can also join the Zelfs club Visit for Zelf new and competitions!

We are going to be buying some more Zelfs soon. The new series, series 6, is awesome and is available to buy in store at the end of July. Will have to take Miss A to our local toy shop. Or perhaps I should surprise her with one!

zelf, mary go-round, carousel zelf, zelfs, limited edition, moose toys

Educational Play the Schleich Way

schleich, toy animal, plastic toy animal, giraffe, sheep, donkey, educational playMy two were so happy to receive a selection of Schleich toy animals. They were sent them as Schleich have a new campaign all about educational play. This is a fantastic thing! Play is important. As adults, we miss out on so much fun! I am a big kid and I love playing with my two! We really love Schleich here. We have a few products already so was really happy to receive the items we did.

There are lots and lots of products to choose from and you can really build a fantastic collection. We have lots planned for our new additions. We will be blogging more about the adventures we have shortly.

Schleich have been in existence for over 80 years. That’s a long time! They have made a fab brochure to help with educational play. The brochure gives some fantastic ideas on what to do with the lovely animals as well as other activities. I will be including some examples of these on my blog shortly.

Both my two love their Schleich animals and they are excited about the fact that I am going to be getting them some more. They are truly lovely toys and I must add to their collection.

So if you want to see more about these lovely Schleich products, then keep an eye out as we will be sharing our adventures!

To find out more about Schleich then visit


Love Nature: ‘Dancing’ Butterflies

I often stop to look at nature but never record it or take photos of it. This is going to change. There is so much happening around us that is simply beautiful. My first capture of nature is this video of butterflies. I am not sure whether they are dancing, playing, courting or fighting. To Miss A I told them that they are dancing. Miss A is a dancer so this mean’t more to her than other explanations.

So if you know what these butterflies were doing let me know. Whatever they were doing it felt rather magical to experience it! Even Master A was amazed by the whole thing. I am so happy that he saw it, being the age that he is he often misses things like this.

I really love nature and wildlife. The world is a wonderful place if you really look closely!

Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie Review


Oh talk about being rather excited to watch a film! I love Snoopy. A thing from my childhood and now my children can watch what I used to watch but in the form of this lovely new film..Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie!

The so catchy and I sing it (badly) often.

Both of my two loved the film. I enjoyed it too. Both Miss A and Master A danced to the song. Was lovely to see.

The story is about a young boy who is trying his best to get the attention of a red-haired girl but is quite shy. Very shy in fact! I think my favourite character in the film was Charlie Brown. My all-time favourite character has to be Snoopy! I think Snoopy is cute! I want a dog like Snoopy! We laughed several times throughout the film which is what we need!

I liked the bit where Snoopy took to the skies to pursue his arch nemesis, the Red Baron. Was very good! Although I think Miss A hid for a little while during it!

The characters looked as they were when I was a child which is really good as I don’t like it when characters change.

I am sure we will be watching this film several times during the Summer holidays. We love a good film and this is one of them!

We all laughed at when Charlie Brown didn’t have the courage to ring the bell of the girl that he liked so much and Snoopy pressed it for him. Was so funny!

Can I tell you a secret – I used to be called Peppermint Patty by my other half – bad haircut! Miss A said to me when Peppermint Patty came on “Look Mum, it’s you!” I will get my revenge one day so my other half better be on the lookout!

peppermint patty, charlie brown, snoopy, Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie,

Me – apparently!

Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie is out now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download.

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