Mr Frosty review

Oh a blast from the past. Not my past mind you. I never was lucky enough to have one of these wonderful slushy makers but a friend did and I really wanted one but for some reason never got one…I probably wanted lots and lots of toys when I was little but I remember being wowed by Mr Frosty.

Now I have been given the chance to have a Mr Frosty! Oh sorry, for my two lovely children to have a Mr Frosty. I can secretly make my own slushy when Master A is having a nap can’t I?!

What’s inside the box? Well of course you get a Mr Frosty, two ice cube trays, lolly mould that makes three ice lollies, a penguin juice squirter, two bowls and two spoons. All you need for a cool refreshing slushy!

Mr Frosty has been revamped and they have made it easier for children to use. Just make sure that you leave the ice out of the freezer for a while, 30 minutes should do it.

What does Miss A think of Mr Frosty? She loves him. Master A is amazed by him. They both love the end result – a refreshing slushy!

Mr Frosty does not come with syrups which is great as you can choose what to use, so you can be as healthy as you like. I like to make sure that the children have healthy drinks. My choice but it means that they can have treats that are food – they like their chocolate.

It is a fantastic time to get your own Mr Frosty as the weather is getting warmer (unless you live in Preston) and you don’t even have to be a kid to enjoy it. Time to make more ice cubes – perhaps I should make ones that are not for child consumption! 😉

Seriously though – I think every child should have a Mr Frosty! I can see him being used for many years to come. He is awesome!
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You can buy Mr Frosty from Smyths Toys and The Entertainer.

Pom Pom WOW Deluxe Dip and Create Station review

We have been going Pom Pom crazy here thanks to the Pom Pom WOW! Deluxe Dip and Create Station! Oh my goodness this is an awesome thing to have if you like making things look cool.

Miss A adores this latest craft trend. She has been rather busy decorating this fab photo frame – doesn’t our dog look cool in it?

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At £29.99 it is a little pricey but worth every penny – the fact that you can get other packs to replenish your pom pom stock is fantastic! Miss A has just used the materials in the station to decorate her pom poms but you can use whatever paint, glitter glue etc you want but it is nice to have it all there in one place – there is quite a lot of choice in the station and you can make some pretty awesome pom poms!

I am definitely going to get some of the other products in the range, I have things that I would like to decorate too! I think having children is great for me – I am a bit of a big kid!

Miss A used her hands mostly making her pom poms look fab. That’s what she prefers. The whole station is fantastic and easy to use. You do have to put some parts together at first but it was easy. I love the fact that the station comes together making it easy to store – takes up hardly any room!

I wonder if Master A would like to have a go – I am sure he will when he turns three – that is only in four months time! Oh my – the time flies!

Miss A thinks that the Pom Pom Wow! Deluxe Dip and Create Station is awesome! I do too. A fun toy to have!

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After an accident – osteoarthritis

As some of you know I had a bicycle accident in 2006. A van hit me, NOT my fault…enough said about that.

I have noticed that I don’t have much upper body strength. I went to see the doctor as I was experiencing some discomfort in my upper back. After examination the doctor referred me for a c-spine xray. The result, mild osteoarthritis. I had a feeling I would get something like that later on, but I expected it to be much later on. I was wrong.

I am not going to let it get to me, I am having physiotherapy, I have lost some weight, I think. I feel as if I have. I have quite a bit to lose and I am not rushing myself, a pound or two each week would do me fine.

I hope that in time, I can get the strength I need to get myself up if I fall at ice skating, I can’t get myself up at the moment, the strength isn’t there. I just have to keep to the sides of the rink for now.

I also need to improve on my posture, increase my exercise. I really need to start using the gym but at the moment I can’t afford the fees.

I seem to have a good physiotherapist. I had my first session about two weeks ago. I have been doing exercises since then to strengthen things.

I would love to know what I can do to make things better. I have the advice of the physiotherapist but I would also like to know the experiences of people that have experienced osteoarthritis or know someone who has.

I hope that things do not get worse, not anytime soon anyway. The way I see it, it has reminded me to make sure that I enjoy every day and not let things get to me so much, I did that too often last year. This year is different and I am rather happy!

Shopkins fun – Netti Spaghetti on a plate of spaghetti!

Miss A is Shopkins mad. She loves them. She has a few, not a lot but I have a secret stash of new ones to give her as and when I want to give them to her. I am collecting Season 3 and Season 4 Shopkins.

I just don’t want to give them to her in the packs but want to make it fun for her so I am thinking of ways to theme the giving of most of the Shopkins I get for her.

One of the ones I got for Miss A was Netti Spaghetti. Not too imaginative for this one but we had spaghetti yesterday and it seemed just a nice simple thing to put Netti Spaghetti on the plate and see how long Miss A took to spot her. Was instant but her reaction was fantastic! She was so surprised and happy to have another Shopkin.

I will be a little bit more imaginative with some of them, I think. But at least this is more imaginative than just giving her the blind bags and packs to open. I do like the idea of the blind bags by the way, I will get her some Shopkins to open normally too. I wish we had some of the Seasons 1 and 2. She is desperate to have a Strawberry Kiss, Apple Blossom and Kooky Cookie.

She has a Shopkins Cupcake Queen cafe which she loves. She wants the whole set of playsets and well everything Shopkins. Think she really is addicted!

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Shopkins Netti Spaghetti on a plate of spaghetti

Snackeez drink and snack cup review


Miss A was sent a Snackeez cup to review. My goodness she does love it!

Snackeez is a drinks cup and a snack holder all in one. Fantastic idea!

Miss A said to me that she thinks it is awesome and it is the best drinks cup ever. She does have a little trouble opening the lid but soon works it out and she will get used to it. She really does like it and it puts a smile on her face when I give it to her with her favourite drinks and snacks in.

The colours are fantastic, really eye catching. The Snackeez is well made and really sturdy. I can see the straw developing nice chew marks soon, both of mine chew their straws but that is our issue and not the company’s. I wonder if you can get replacement straws? If not maybe that is an idea for company especially if you can buy them in packs of around 10 or more!

snackeez, drinks cup, snack storage, snack holder, all in one drink cup and snack holder, drinking, cup, snacks

Miss A – messy hair

I think it is a bit big and not something that I will carry around much when I don’t have the pushchair that has a useful cup holder. However I do think it is a fantastic item and will be well used around the house and sometimes out and about. This is definitely going with us to Nanny and Grandads!

I now need to get Master A one as he keeps on trying to steal Miss A’s. The fact that I am going to get one for Master A must prove to you how good it is. It is a nice and fun thing for children to have.

I can see that we will be using ours for many many years. I love a product that lasts!

To find out more visit the Character Options website

snackeez, drinks cup, snack storage, snack holder, all in one drink cup and snack holder, drinking, cup, snacks