Autumn and Winter makes us poorly

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I don’t want to see Miss A look like this again any time soon

It is amazing, that a change in the weather causes so many people to be poorly. Miss A seems to be the person that picks up everything. She has hardly been at school since the holiday. Last week was the worst. I have never seen her so poorly. At first we were discussing whether to call 111 or even an ambulance. Glad we didn’t. She just had a bad virus. And I mean bad.

She is recovering and we are discussing about sending her back to school tomorrow.

School. What a problem it has been. She has missed so much already. Including her school trip. She loves school. Such a shame.

I wish I could prevent her getting poorly. She has had three things wrong with her in a another few months of cold weather left.

However she is much better now and we have to make sure that we enjoy the times we have where nobody is poorly. So this is what I am going to do.

She is currently at the cinema with her Daddy, watching Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur!

Master A has a bit of a cold but seems OK with it.

Here’s hoping that the rest of the cold months pass us by without too much drama!

Separation anxiety in dogs – difficult to cure.

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We were told that both of our dogs howl when left. This came as a surprise as we thought we were over that stage. I was wrong.

I hate being the neighbour with the noisy dogs. At first it really got to me, it was all that I could think about. Mentally I was a wreck as it was something that seemed to be out of my control to a certain extent. I didn’t know what to do. So I did some research and made some changes and some purchases of products that could help.

I bought Tilly a Thundershirt. I am sure she starts it all. I have proof she does as I have a webcam set up and can access it on my phone. She starts whining, then starts howling then Tyson joins in.

I have bought an Adaptil diffuser. Apparently that can take a month for it to work.

A stuffed kong is given when we go out or a treat for them to chew. They expect a treat now, not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing as this means that they know that we are going out. I am not sure whether this is making them howl.

A radio and the TV are left on. We are a noisy household I am sure. We have two children under 6 years. They don’t make tonnes of noise but there is some singing, some screaming, some crying and some laughing. I am sure it is perfectly normal for a family with children. I bet the dogs miss it when we go out.

I am taking them both out for a walk in the morning instead of the evening. My goodness Tilly is so energetic in the morning, no wonder she was howling.

Is it all working? I think so. We were specifically told that they constantly howl. Now, they howl about 10-15 minutes and sometimes when something upsets them but again only lasting 10-15 minutes at a time. Still way too much for my liking. I wish they would stop completely.

I am trying to teach Tilly some tricks, she doesn’t know how to sit, paw or lay down like Tyson does. She does know a few commands but not a lot. Also I am trying to teach her to calm down. This is proving to be difficult. She is a jack russell. One with a kind heart. She is loving and caring. I love her, love them both. However she is noisy especially when there is a knock on the door and she passes dogs while walking.

I think the next thing to do is to buy her a crate, she had a fabric one but destroyed the front part, however she did seem more settled in there. A metal one next time, I think. Perhaps with a blanket over it…think she liked the darkness and security.

Any tips on how to rectify separation anxiety in dogs would be most welcome.

Flair Pet Parade Playworld review

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Miss A was sent a Pet Parade Puppy Play World to play with. Now she loves her dogs and she loves toys that are dogs so she of course loved this! This toy is so interactive and Miss A has spent so long playing with it. It certainly entertains her.

As some of you know we have two lovely dogs. Tilly and Tyson. A jack russell and a collie cross dalmatian, little and large! We love them so much. Miss A adores her dogs. She loves the dogs from this playset! She takes the dogs with her sometimes, they have even got a trip out in her rucksack! That means they are loved!

Pet Parade Playworld, flair, pet parade, dogs, puppies, playset, toy, toys, doggies

I think this toy is going to last quite a while and it is a toy that will be kept for Master A when he is the right age. He has had a play with it, whilst supervised and he loves it, but it isn’t the right age for him to play with, especially as he still puts things in his mouth.

Even I love the play set. The dogs are so cute! Miss A can use all the functions of the play set, she loves picking up the balls and bones with the dogs’ mouth! She also likes making the dog go round.

So if you are a dog lover and have a little one, boy or a girl, then I am sure that they will love the Pet Parade Puppy Play World!

Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark – a hidden gem?

blackpool sandcastle waterpark, blackpool sandcastle, waterpark, water park, blackpool blackpool hidden gem, travelodge, water funBlackpool Sandcastle Waterpark…Miss A’s favourite place in Blackpool. She loves going there with her Daddy.

I never thought she would love the water let alone going down the slides at Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark. I was wrong, very wrong. Miss A even goes down some all by herself. She is much braver than me. I used to love water slides when I was younger but I have got a bit of a scaredy cat as I have got older. I don’t like this at all!

So what is Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark? It is the UK’s largest water park. It is amazing! I have been there once. We all went as a family, Master A too. He loved the water. Miss A and her Daddy have been about seven or eight times. Not enough times says Daddy! They have annual passes. Think they may go this weekend now I am blogging about it.

I think it would be great if we all could go to Blackpool and stay over. We can’t, well Miss A and her Daddy could. I shall have to stay here with Master A and look after the dogs. There isn’t a decent cheap dog boarding in Preston. There is a Travelodge right opposite! We usually stay at a Travelodge. Been to quite a few over the years!

They always have something to eat at Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark, usually a sandwich. The kids lunch boxes are really cute! Need to use these for crafts!

Once Master A is older, we will be going as a family more often, then I have to overcome my fears!

Even though I don’t love the water slides, I love Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark as it makes Miss A very happy. Those annual passes were the best things we have bought!


In collaboration with Travelodge.